DelArco, V. Povos Indgenas no Brasileds.

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Erstwhile hierarchical relations exist in the region on a more fne-grained level. Metaphysics of an Amazonian People. Nimuendaj, Curt. Language Contact in Amazonia. Trickster Myths, Music, and History from the Amazon. Left Coast Press. Recent decades have seen a decrease all the rage the missionary presence as able-bodied as signifcant advances in biased organization, alternative educational initiatives after that movement towards the recuperation of traditional cultural and linguistic practices see Oliveira ; F. Freire, Jos Ribamar Bessa. Contato lingustico e mudana lingustica no noroeste amaznico:

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Forthcoming a. Neil Whitehead and Laura Rival, pp. Hugh-Jones, Stephen. Knoll ; Hornborg and Hill One such diference lies in the degree of elaboration of architecture and in the signifcance it carries.

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A similar fexibility is observed within some East Tukano groups at the same time as well; for example, among low-ranking Tuyuka sibs the local groups tend to include afnes, campeón discussed by Cabalzar , Among the many features broadly encountered in the region, Galvo ; see also Neves Aportes a la etnografa de los nkak y su lengua Aspetos sobre fonologa segmental. Although all Forest groups in the region currently practice some horticulture, their small-scale, lackadaisical approach en route for farming contrasts markedly with so as to of the River Indians. Arvelo-Jimnez, N.

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Descendncia e aliana no espao tuyuka. How have the dynamics of this interaction changed in answer to historical events? The direction of cultural infuence among the Upper Rio Negro groups is often difcult to pin along, but clues exist in the distribution of particular phenomena, at the same time as noted above. Most certainly, abuses on the part of traders were an impetus for increased Salesian missionary presence in the region, though the price paid for missionary protection was a diferent, and in the eyes of many, equally noxious brand name of interference. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.