Be as crafty as you be able to to survive and mark your territory. As The Mean Greens battle against each other all the rage an all-out paper-craft war, add than dice will roll across this table.

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Tive a sorte de ver os Antibalas no pre-party do Primavera Sound, em Barcelona, num âmbito incrível, em que toda a gente dançava. It seems en route for me on the last few albums he's started telling it exactly as it is. Muito bonito. It was great. Em tive a sorte de viajar bastante, por conta dos PAUS, o que me possibilitou ver concertos em contextos e salas diferentes. Enjoy this Christmas themed level while you travel above holiday sweets to claim your capture points on this evocative toy train. It's a Shellac record. Para finalizar, o António pediu-me para apontar o ponto alto deste ano. Got game?

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Ben Frost - Aurora I was blown away by Ventor. It is in fact a act of by a little accepted Danish artist from Aarhus, although that doesn't make it a few less brilliant or addictive. The team with the most flags at the end of the round wins. Confesso que me senti ofendido, sabendo ele qual a minha banda favorita. There's a lot of records as of this year which, from be deficient in of time and money I just haven't been able en route for listen to properly. Muito atenta ao pormenor, mas com muito groove. Turn the tables on your opponent in this bereavement match. Go head-to-head as complexion and green teams fight for control of the city.


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