Dumarca may, acting reasonably, restrict before close any account where the response to such requests is not satisfactory.

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Users holding two or more accounts for any reason should bring up to date us without delay. We strongly recommend that you contact a few such parties and opt absent from receiving any marketing material from them. Responsible Gambling 6. Dumarca further reserves the absolute to close your account after that return any remaining balance but verification checks have not been carried out to our acceptable satisfaction within 30 calendar being from our first request for documents. Dumarca may, acting convincingly, restrict or close any account where the response to such requests is not satisfactory. You should not attempt to open an account on any website operated by Dumarca or a few other member of its group whilst you have opted for self-exclusion. On confirming the Break, your account will be as soon as suspended and it will not be possible to log all the rage until the selected duration has expired.

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Account closure 7. Any request en route for remove the self exclusion after the specified period has expired will be subject to a cooling off period, after which your account will be re-activated. See 4. Limits set on your account are not absolute to any other account you may hold with Dumarca. We may also carry out call verification with you. Dumarca bidding have no obligation to return fees deducted in this approach as they are no longer considered to be customer funds once they have been deducted.


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