The Ogre A shadowy forest, a ruined castle, two medieval knights and a diabolical creature as of time immemorial.

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Sinta o Poder de uma Feiticeira Mística e Ganhe Dinheiro

Non Competitive Screenings Foi um aprendizado coletivo e cada um contribuiu de algum jeito. It was then that we absolute to create a group en route for build a studio and be the source of Marionettes, our first short. So as to is why Correios, present all over the Brazilian territory, supports, with great satisfaction, projects of this nature, highlighting its allegiance to shortening the distances amid Brazilians and the different artistic languages and cultural experiences so as to emerge in the most altered regions of the country.

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All the rage a comic book the booklover interferes with the way all the rage which the story is told, but the pages follow principles of layout and composition en route for make the action flow after that let the narrative create life. In his Animated Chat he tells us some stories a propos the beginning of his career, talks about his creative administer and how he and his friends overcame their difficulties all the rage a makeshift studio without a few infrastructure, until he finally came to produce animations that were highlights in the festival circuit. Eric Goldberg Simon Otto Correios, known for offering postal services with quality and excellence en route for Brazilians, also invests in actions that use culture as an instrument of social inclusion, all the way through the granting of sponsorships. Be born of the Dinosaurs, Rio, Rio 2 and Ferdinand. Based on the comic book by Antônio Rodrigues and Julio Shimamoto. By the time nobody in the group knew how to animate or knew the steps basic to produce an animation. A gente foi aprendendo junto.


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