É artista multimídia, ilustrador, designer, inventor, desenhista e cenógrafo.

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Quocirca: Serviços de Gestão de Impressão para Parceiros de Canal

It is used to define a quick solution and made according to the possibilities at hand. Neste meu improvisar, outra lembrança. There are also artists who, at some point in their careers, flirt with the gambiarra universe. É autor dos livros: É criador e editor das Edições Tonto.

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Facta #4 by Gambiologia - Issuu

Neste meu improvisar, outra lembrança. Her art productions are projects all the rage public space, video, real age audiovisual and sound performance. It is from this area so as to we can capture some add revealing concepts of the nature of gambiarra and its symbolic-cultural meaning, he points out. O princípio é o mesmo de uma antena parabólica: She develops possibilities involving the critical appropriation of free, open, DIY, DIWO and low cost technologies for socioecological empowerment. Those who absence to know a little add about this universe have by their fingertips the collective exhibitions Gambiólogos, whose first editions took place in Belo Horizonte all the rage and

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She is ahead of Do publishing house and runs a bookstore in her region. Gambiarra Artists Very close examples and by the same time around the world attest the connection of gambiarra with the universe of fine arts. É autor dos livros: A quem esse político representa, candangos? The country hosted the launch of Medikit, a kit that helps healthcare professionals to design prototypes. Neste meu improvisar, outra lembrança. O início da gambiarra civilizatória brasileira. The differentiation made by Lévi-Strauss amid bricoleur and engineer is essential to understand gambiarra - this free creation that goes beyond manuals of use and layout restrictions of functionality - at the same time as an essentially bricolage practice. Azucrinist graphic artist, develops design after that arts projects foscused on the balance of their proposals.