A estimativa é que 15 montadoras levem 35 modelos diferentes para testes, com um total de até veículos. Relevant content bidding not be lacking at Mecanismo, that will host more than 90 presentations in the Arenas of Knowledge.

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But three brands stand out for designing the modern automotive industry: On one hand it is difficult to quantify in numbers how big of an announce this is, on the erstwhile hand it is easy en route for measure in hours the age we waste when caught all the rage traffic. In this Cold War we defiRR nitely have before now two winners: Karl, with backing from his wife, created the first vehicle powered by an internal combustion engines in , considered a direct ancestor of the modern automobile.

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Even if in Brazil this still occurs in a limited way, I believe that it will add to in the future. Keeping an eye on new market demands and taking advantage of this niche, General Motors GM has opted for diversification of its product line by creating five different divisions under the same corporation. My main goal all the rage the Americas is to bring innovation and excellence in a consistent way. Nos Estados Unidos, por exemplo, temos acompanhado um significativo crescimento de fundos de investimentos neste setor de feiras. Although many of the chief players are already in Brazil, I believe that others bidding seek to enter into it with the improvement of the economic scenario. O comércio também. The last two days bidding be called Creative Day, the great time for brands en route for launch exclusive collections, reveal trends, and bring new technologies. On the 16th, the day committed to the architects, the lectures of the Japanese Toyo Ito and the Brazilian Paulo Mendes da Rocha are confirmed.

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Denial teste drive, as marcas GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugeot, Citroën e Volkswagen controlled mainly as a result of new technologies that auto parts companies, systems and components bidding bring to the automakers. All the rage recent years the Brazilian market of business fairs has been dominated by large multinational companies. This can be extremely advantageous, because we can bring international customers to the market all the way through our capacities of global sales. Mas antes é preciso voltar uma pouco mais na tradição e conhecer Karl Benz. Even if in Brazil this still occurs in a limited way, I believe that it will add to in the future. This, along with the local positive entrepreneurial culture and which appreciates conducting business in person, makes Mexico a very attractive environment en route for run events. Com a grandioso diferença entre a nossa moeda e o dólar e o euro, agora é uma boa oportunidade para novas aquisições de empresas ou feiras específicas denial Brasil?

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All the rage this Cold War we defiRR nitely have already two winners: Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East. The participation of Reed Exhibitions in the Brazilian market has been very positive, generating jobs, investments and sharing our best practices of our global business. E como foi a entrada neste mercado?

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Qual é a importância do alhóndiga brasileiro para a empresa e como você vê o desempenho de Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado? There are several ways so as to we consider to increase the market sectors covered by Reed Exhibitions. Reed Exhibitions is all the time interested in entering in new markets in which we perro add value to the activity of local exhibitions, to its economy and, especially, where we can bring our own brands. Existe uma série de maneiras de aumentar os setores de mercado abrangidos pela Reed Exhibitions.

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Erstwhile opportunities are through releases after that acquisitions. We are interested all the rage making purchases and investing all the rage new releases, but we bidding do it selectively, in sectors that offer attractive growth characteristics and where we can add together value through our events so as to already exist in Americas. All the rage addition to major brand launches, visitors will be able en route for update themselves through the International Forum of Architecture and Construction, which takes place in parallel with the fair and offers an immersion in the a good number important subjects of the day with interna Fotos: O mercado também. We operate in 30 countries with events organized all the rage four geographic regions: Isto pode ser extremamente vantajoso, pois podemos trazer clientes internacionais para o mercado a partir de nossas capacidades de vendas globais. Quanto é a estrutura da Reed Exhibitions?