The nine powers are presque vu intuitiondeja visite orientationremote viewing, X-ray vision, postcognition, precognition, ghosting insubstantialityteleportation, and time travel.

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Volume 1 Faerie is 74 pages staple-bound with a dark azure cover with white illustration of a dragon. Aletheia 1st ed by Lee Foster, Monica Valentinelli, Werner Hager Abstract Nova Entertainment A modern-day occult RPG, anywhere the player characters are members of the Seven Dogs Society, a detailed organization that investigates paranormal occurrences throughout the world with the belief that a single truth underlies everything. After that there are points to allocate among the percentile skills. Mages cast memorized spells, while priests have a ritual system. It uses an original system, so as to involves rolling six dice of types determined by attribute absolute. Lower classes are given add attribute points to balance their lack of money and affect. It is set in a future where, in , the world faces a devastating war between the United States of America and the European Federation. Anno Domini:

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Beldad, goddess of love and lust; Pluto, who has come en route for see the most base crimes of men; and Minerva, angry by the mindless brutality after that of a mind to deposit a stop to it. BRP is a percentile skill system: The adventures can't be also difficult -- try to decrease forward some inches and get some food, for example. It has an actionpoint based battle system. The PC's are Inspirés -- imbued with magical powers by the Muses to fight the evil Masque which threatens the world.